CESR Reports

Soeren Mattke, Andreas Ullrich, and Mo Wang, Implications of Alzheimer's Treatment for Organization and Payment of Medical Practices in the EU-5 Countries,Technical Report, July 2020.

Soeren Mattke, and Mo Wang, Implications of Alzheimer's Treatment for Organization and Payment of Medical Practices in the United States,Technical Report, July 2020.

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Margaret Gatz, Jill E. Darling, "Relationship Between Populist Sentiment and Misperceptions in the 2016 Election for U.S. President", Paper No. 2020-001.

Richard E. Chard, Jill Darling, Matthew Mussel, David Rogofsky, Kristi Scott, "Perceptions of society’s view of the power and status of population subgroups: A quantitative application of Schneider and Ingram’s social construction theory", Paper No. 2020-002. 

Gema Zamarro and Maria J. Prados, "Gender Differences in Couples’ Division of Childcare, Work and Mental Health During COVID-19", Paper No. 2020-003.

Jinkook Lee, Erik Meijer, Drystan Phillips, Peifeng Hu, "Disability Incidence Rates for Men and Women in 23 Countries: Evidence on Health Effects of Gender Inequality", Paper No. 2020-004.



CESR Reports

Soeren Mattke, Jakub P. Hlávka, Joanne Yoong, Mo Wang, Rei Goto, "Assessing the Preparedness of the Japanese Health Care System Infrastructure for an Alzheimer's Treatment", Report No. 2019-101.

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CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Brian Tysinger, Seth Seabury, Henu Zhao, Gwyn Pauley, Yifan Wei, Dana Goldman, "Trends in Mortality, Morbidity and Healthcare Utilization: Does it Make Sense to Use Healthcare as a Proxy for Health?", Paper No. 2019-001.

Dan Benjamin, Kristen Cooper, Ori Heffetz, Miles Kimball, "Self-Reported Wellbeing Indicators are a Valuable Complement to Traditional Economic Indicators but Aren't Yet Ready to Compete with Them", Paper No. 2019-002.

Anya Samek, Andre Gray, Ashlesha Datar, Nancy Nicosia, "Adolescent Time and Risk Preferences: Measurement, Determinants and Field Consequences", Paper No. 2019-003.

Marco Angrisani, Arie Kapteyn, Erik Meijer, Htay-Wah Saw, "Sampling and weighting the Understanding America Study", Paper No. 2019-004.

Francisco Perez-Arce, Lila Rabinovich, Joanne Yoong, Laith Alattar, "Three Little Words? The Impact of Social Security Terminology", Paper No. 2019-005.

Daniel J. Benjamin, David Laibson, Walter Mischel, Philip K. Peake, Yuichi Shoda, Alexandra Steiny Wellsjo, Nicole L. Wilson, "Predicting mid-life capital formation with pre-school delay of gratification and life-course measures of self-regulation", Paper No. 2019-006.


CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Silvia H. Barcellos, Leandro S. Carvalho, and Patrick Turley, "Distributional Effects of Education on Health", Paper No. 2018-002.

James Banks, Leandro S. Carvalho, and Francisco Perez-Arce, "Education, Decision-making, and Economic Rationality", Paper No. 2018-003


CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Robynn Cox, Seva Rodnyansky, Benjamin Henwood, Suzanne Wenzel, "Measuring Population Estimates of Housing Insecurity in the United States: A Comprehensive Approach," Paper No. 2017-012

Titus Galama, Adriana Lleras-Muney, Hans van Kippersluis, "The Effect of Education on Health and Mortality: A Review of Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Evidence," Paper No. 2017-011

Titus Galama, Robson Morgan, Juan E Saavedra, "Wealthier, Happier and More Self-Sufficient: When Anti-Poverty Programs Improve Economic and Subjective Wellbeing at a Reduced Cost to Taxpayers," Paper No. 2017-010.

David Reiley, Anya Samek, "Round Giving: A Field Experiment on Suggested Charitable Donation Amounts in Public Television," Paper No. 2017-009.

Daniel J. Benjamin, Don A. Moore, Matthew Rabin, "Biased Beliefs about Random Samples: Evidence from Two Integrated Experiments," Paper No. 2017-008.

Sally Sadoff, Anya Samek, "The Effect of Recipient Contribution Requirements on Support for Social Programs," Paper No. 2017-007.

Adriaan Kalwij, "The Effects of Competition Outcomes on Health: Evidence from the Lifespans of U.S. Olympic Medalists," Paper No. 2017-006.

Robynn Cox, Jamein P. Cunningham, "Financing the War on Drugs: The Impact of Law Enforcement Grants on Racial Disparities in Drug Arrests," Paper No. 2017-005.

Pilar García-Gómez, Titus J. Galama, Eddy van Doorslaer, Ángel López-Nicolás, "Interactions between Financial Incentives and Health in the Early Retirement Decision," Paper No. 2017-004.

Uri Gneezy, Holger Rau, Anya Samek, Lilia Zhurakhovska, "Do I Care If You Are Paid? A Field Experiment on Charitable Donations," Paper No. 2017-003.

Anya Samek, "The Association Between Personality Traits and Voting in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election," Paper No. 2017-002.

Chien-Yu Lai, John A. List, Anya Samek, "How Do Informational Prompts Affect Choices in the School Lunchroom?" Paper No. 2017-001.


CESR Reports

Ashish Sachdeva, Dawoon Jung, Marco Angrisani, Jinkook Lee, "Harmonization of Cross-National Studies of Aging to the Health and Retirement Study – User Guide: Household Expenditure," Report No. 2016-002.

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Jorge Luis Garcia, James J. Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf, Maria Jose Prados, "The Life-cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program," Paper No. 2016-018.

Jonathan P. Beauchamp, Daniel J. Benjamin, Christopher F. Chabris, David I. Laibson, "Controlling for the Compromise Effect Debiases Estimates of Risk Preference Parameters," Paper No. 2016-017.

Peifeng Hu, Serena Wang, Jinkook Lee, "Socioeconomic Gradients of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in China and India: Results from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study and Longitudinal Aging Study in India," Paper No. 2016-016.

Marco Angrisani, Vincenzo Atella, Marianna Brunetti, "Public Health Insurance and Household Portfolio Choices: Unraveling Financial 'Side Effects' of Medicare," Paper No. 2016-015.

Albert Cheng, Gema Zamarro, Bart Orriens, "Personality as a Predictor of Unit Nonresponse in Panel Data: An Analysis of an Internet-Based Survey," Paper No. 2016-014.

Robynn Cox, Benjamin Henwood, Suzanne Wenzel, Eric Rice, "Roadmap to a Unified Measure of Housing Insecurity," Paper No. 2016-013 (revised Jan 2013).

Lila Rabinovich, Janice Peterson, Barbara Smith, Tania Gutsche, Mallory Montgomery, "Preparing for Retirement, Social Security Literacy and Information Preferences Among Hispanics: A Qualitative Study," Paper No. 2016-012.

Gema Zamarro, Albert Cheng, M. Danish Shakeel, Collin Hitt, "Comparing and Validating Measures of Character Skills: Findings from a Nationally Representative Sample," Paper No. 2016-011.

Marco D. Huesch, JTruls Østbye, J. Lloyd Michener, "The Affordable Care Act, State Policies and Demand for Primary Care Physicians," Paper No. 2016-010.

Urvashi Jain, Joohong Min, Jinkook Lee, "Harmonization of Cross-National Studies of Aging to the Health and Retirement Study – User Guide: Family Transfer – Informal Care," Paper No. 2016-008.

Anya Samek, "Gifts and Goals: Behavioral Nudges to Improve Child Food Choice at School," Paper No. 2016-007.

Jared Rubin, Anya Samek, Roman M. Sheremeta, "Incentivizing Quantity and Quality of Output: An Experimental Investigation of the Quantity-Quality Trade-off," Paper No. 2016-006.

Hale Koc, Hans van Kippersluis, "Thought for Food: Understanding Educational Disparities in Diet," Paper No. 2016-005.

Chih-Sheng Hsieh, Hans van Kippersluis, "Smoking Initiation: Peers and Personality," Paper No. 2016-004

M.J. Bayarri, Daniel J. Benjamin, James O. Berger, Thomas M. Sellke, "Rejection Odds and Rejection Ratios: A Proposal for Statistical Practice in Testing Hypotheses," Paper No. 2016-002.

Jonathan P. Beauchamp, Daniel J. Benjamin, Christopher F. Chabris, David Laibson, "Controlling for Compromise Effects Debiases Estimates of Preference Parameters," Paper No. 2016-001.

CESR Media

Dan Benjamin, "National Advisory Council on Aging - September 2016" (starts at 2:26:45).


Norma B. Coe, Gema Zamarro, "How Does Retirement Impact Health Behaviors? An International Comparison," Paper No. 2015-033.

Norma B. Coe, Gema Zamarro, "Does Retirement Impact Health Care Utilization?" Paper No. 2015-032.

David Reiley, Anya Samek, "How do Suggested Donations Affect Charitable Gifts? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Public Broadcasting," Paper No. 2015-031.

Arie Kapteyn, Saw Htay Wah, "Challenges to Small and Medium-size Businesses in Myanmar: What Are They and How Do We Know?" Paper No. 2015-030.
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Saw Htay Wah, "Do Employers In Myanmar Prefer Workers Who Accumulated Skills In More Advanced Countries? Evidence from a Field Experiment," Paper No. 2015-029 (minor revision Nov, 2016).

John A. List, Anya Samek, "A Field Experiment on the Impact of Incentives on Milk Choice in the Lunchroom," Paper No. 2015-028.

Sally Sadoff, Anya Samek, Charles Sprenger, "Dynamic Inconsistency in Food Choice: Experimental Evidence from a Food Desert," Paper No. 2015-027.

Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Leigh L. Linden, Juan Esteban Saavedra, "Medium Term Educational Consequences of Alternative Conditional Cash Transfer Designs: Experimental Evidence from Colombia," Paper No. 2015-026.

John A. List, Anya Samek, Terri Zhu, "Incentives to Eat Healthy: Evidence from a Grocery Store Field Experiment," Paper No. 2015-025.

Ania Filus, Lila Rabinovich, “The Nomenclature of Social Security Retirement Benefits – Qualitative Exploration of Alternate Terminology,” Paper No. 2015-024.

Carrie R. Houts, Melissa A. Z. Knoll, “The Financial Knowledge Scale: New Analyses, Findings, and Development of a Short Form,” Paper No. 2015-023. paper pending

Joanne Yoong, Lila Rabinovich, Saw Htay Wah, “What Do People Know About Social Security?” Paper No. 2015-022.

Lila Rabinovich, Joanne Yoong, “Learning About Social Security” Paper No. 2015-021. 

Leandro Carvalho, Htay-Wah Saw, “How Americans Manage their Finances,” Paper No. 2015-020. 

Jinkook Lee, Erik Meijer, Drystan Phillips, "The Effect of Using Different Imputation Methods for Economic Variables in Aging Surveys," Paper No. 2015-019.

Catherine Rodríguez, Juan E. Saavedra, "Nudging Youth to Develop Savings Habits: Experimental Evidence Using SMS Messages," Paper No. 2015-018.

Marco Angrisani, Michael Hurd, Susann Rohwedder, "The Effect of Housing and Stock Wealth Losses on Spending in the Great Recession," Paper No. 2015-017.

Titus J. Galama, Hans van Kippersluis, "A Theory of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Over the Life Cycle," Paper No. 2015-016.

Ildefonso Mendez, Gema Zamarro, "The Intergenerational Transmission of Noncognitive Skills and Their Effect on Education and Employment Outcomes," Paper No. 2015-015.

Robynn Cox, "The Effect of Private Sector Work Opportunities in Prison on Labor Market Outcomes of the Formerly Incarcerated," Paper No. 2015-014.

W. Bentley MacLeod, Evan Riehl, Juan E. Saavedra, Miguel Urquiola, "The Big Sort: College Reputation And Labor Market Outcomes," Paper No. 2015-013.

Marco D. Huesch, "Celebrity Influence? An Observational Study of Consumer Responses on Social Media and on an Internet Search Engine to News of Angelina Jolie’s Prophylactic Mastectomies," Paper No. 2015-012.

Marco D. Huesch, Jason N. Doctor, Aram Galstyan, "Using Online Social Media and Social Networks as a Public Health Intervention," Paper No. 2015-011.

Marco D. Huesch, Michael K. Ong, Gregg C. Fonarow, "Medicare Hospital Outcome Measures and Unrelated Socioeconomic and Clinical Factors," Paper No. 2015-010.

Marco D. Huesch, Michael K. Ong, Barak D. Richman, "Could Data Broker Information Threaten Physician Prescribing and Professional Behavior?" Paper No. 2015-009.

Marco D. Huesch, Robert J. Szczerba, "Designing a Serious Game to Map the ‘Process Genome’ of Hospitals," Paper No. 2015-008.

Marco D. Huesch, Pamela S. Douglas, "Impact of Cardiac Cath Lab Organization on Process and Outcome Quality: A Case Study," Paper No. 2015-007.

Marco D. Huesch, Richard L. Brady, "Should Past Recipients of a Kidney Be Allowed To Have Another? Surveys of Preferences of Individuals with and without End Stage Renal Disease," Paper No. 2015-006.

Joel W. Hay, "Cost Effectiveness Analysis With and Without Stochastic Uncertainty," Paper No. 2015-005.

Titus J. Galama, "A Contribution to Health-Capital Theory," Paper No. 2015-004.

Luisa R. Blanco, Emma Aguila, Arturo Gongora, Beverly Weidmer, O. Kenrik Duru, "Retirement Planning Among Middle-Aged and Older Hispanics," Paper No. 2015-003.

Stefania Albanesi, Claudia Olivetti, María José Prados, "Gender and Dynamic Agency: Theory and Evidence on the Compensation of Top Executives," Paper No. 2015-002.

Titus J. Galama, Hans van Kippersluis, "A Theory of Education and Health," Paper No. 2015-001.


Erik Meijer, Laura Spierdijk, Tom Wansbeek, "Consistent Estimation of Linear Panel Data Models with Measurement Error," Paper No. 2014-008.

Jinkook Lee, Mark E. McGovern, David E. Bloom, P. Arokiasamy, Arun Risbud, Varsha Kale, Jennifer O’Brien, Peifeng Hu, "Education, Gender, and State-Level Gradients in the Health of Older Indians: Evidence from Biomarker Data," Paper No. 2014-007.

Lila Rabinovich, Stephanie Diepeveen, "The Design of Conditional Cash Transfers: Experiences from Argentina’s Universal Child Allowance," Paper No. 2014-006.

Étienne Gaudette, "Health Care Demand and Impact of Policies in a Congested Public System," Paper No. 2014-005.

Maria Björnsdotter Dahlin, Arie Kapteyn, Caroline Tassot, "Who are the Joneses?" Paper No. 2014-004.

Silvia Helena Barcellos, Mireille Jacobson, "The Effects of Medicare on Medical Expenditure Risk and Financial Strain," Paper No. 2014-003.

Manel Baucells, Silvia Bellezza, "Temporal Profiles of Instant Utility during Anticipation and Recall," Paper No. 2014-002.

Gema Zamarro, John Engberg, Juan Esteban Saavedra, Jennifer Steele, "Disentangling Disadvantage: Can We Distinguish Good Teaching from Classroom Composition?" Paper No. 2014-001.


Ashlesha Datar, Michael Gottfried, "School Entry Age and Children’s Social-Behavioral Skills: Evidence from a National Longitudinal Study of US Kindergartners," Paper No. 2013-013.

Ashlesha Datar, Nancy Nicosia, Victoria Shier, "Maternal Work and Children’s Diet, Activity, and Obesity," Paper No. 2013-012.

Tunga Kantarci, Arthur van Soest, "Stated Preference Analysis of Full and Partial Retirement in the United States," Paper No. 2013-011.

Tunga Kantarci, "The Effects of Partial Retirement on Health," Paper No. 2013-010.

Tunga Kantarci, "Factors Limiting the Opportunities for Partial Retirement," Paper No. 2013-009.

Tania L. Gutsche, Bas Weerman, "Panel Management Techniques for High Intensity Surveys," Paper No. 2013-008.

Juan Esteban Saavedra, Sandra Garcia, "Educational Impacts and Cost Effectiveness of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Developing Countries: A Meta-analysis," Paper No. 2013-007.

Laura Hospido, Gema Zamarro, "Retirement Patterns of Couples in Europe," Paper No. 2013-006.

Arie Kapteyn, Jinkook Lee, Caroline Tassot, Hanka Vonkova, Gema Zamarro, "Dimensions of Subjective Well-Being," Paper No. 2013-005.

Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn, Erzo F. P. Luttmer, Olivia S. Mitchell, "Decision Complexity as a Barrier to Annuitization," Paper No. 2013-004.

Tania L. Gutsche, Arie Kapteyn, Erik Meijer, Bas Weerman, "The RAND Continuous 2012 Presidential Election Poll," Paper No. 2013-003.

Titus J. Galama, Hans van Kippersluis, "Health Inequalities through the Lens of Health Capital Theory: Issues, Solutions, and Future Directions," Paper No. 2013-002.

Hans van Kippersluis, Titus J. Galama, "Wealth and Health Behavior: Testing the Concept of a Health Cost," Paper No. 2013-001-Rev1.

All papers are also available at SSRN's CESR-Schaeffer Research Paper Series.