CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Titus Galama, Andrei Munteau, Kevin Thom, Intergenerational Persistence in the Effects of Compulsory Schooling in the U.S., Paper No. 2024-001


CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Sjoerd van Alten, Benjamin W. Domingue, Jessica Faul, Titus Galama, Andries T. Marees, GWAS 2.0 – Correcting for volunteer bias in GWAS uncovers novel genetic variants and increases heritability estimates, Paper No. 2023-001

Sjoerd van Alten, Benjamin W. Domingue, Jessica Faul, Titus Galama, Andries T. Marees, Should representativeness be avoided? Reweighting the UK Biobank corrects for pervasive selection bias due to volunteering, Paper No. 2023-002

Leandro Carvalho, Dan Silverman, Complexity and Sophistication, Paper No. 2023-003


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Arie Kapteyn, Francisco Perez-Arce, Job Loss During the Pandemic: How the Safety Net Mitigated Adverse Well-being Effects, Paper No.2023-011


CESR Reports

Soeren Mattke, Otelo Corrêa dos Santos Filho, and Mo Wang, Implications of an Alzheimer's treatment for organization and payment of medical practices in Brazil, Technical Report, September 2022. 

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Codi Young, Youngha Oh, Sandy Chien, Peifeng Hu, Harmonization of Cross-National Studies of Aging to the Health and Retirement Study, Paper No. 2022-001.

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Titus Galama, Hans van Kippersluis, Economic Theories of Health Inequality Across the Life Course, Paper No. 2022-007

Zeewan Lee, Alice Chen, Lost in Complexity? The Impacts of Health Insurance Literacy on ACAInduced Retirement, Paper No. 2022-008


CESR Reports

Soeren Mattke, Mo Wang, Andreas Ullrich, Implications of Alzheimer's Treatment for Organization and Payment of Medical Practices in Canada, Technical Report, June 2021. 

Hankyung Jun, Sang Kyu Cho, Joanne Yoong, Oliver Yuen, Soeren Mattke, Assessing the Preparedness of the Taiwanese Healthcare System Infrastructure of an Alzheimer's Treatment, Technical Report, March 2021. Infographic.

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CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Alice J. Chen, Elizabeth L. Munnich, Stephen T. Parente, Michael R. Richards, Provider turf wars and Medicare payment rules, Paper No. 2021-001.

Morgan S. Polikoff, Daniel Silver, Marshall Garland, Anna R. Saavedra, Amie Rapaport, Michael Fienberg, The Impact of a Messaging Intervention on Parents' School Hesitancy During Covid-19, Paper No. 2021-002.

Brian Finley, Adriaan Kalwij, Arie Kapteyn, "Born to be wild: Second-to-fourth digit length ratio and risk preferences", Paper No. 2021-004


CESR Reports

Hankyung Jun, Sang Kyu Cho, Joanne Yoong, Soeren Mattke, Assessing the Preparedness of the Korean Healthcare System Infrastructure for an Alzheimer’s Treatment, Technical Report, November 2020.  Infographic  Report Appendix

Soeren Mattke, Andreas Ullrich, and Mo Wang, Implications of Alzheimer's Treatment for Organization and Payment of Medical Practices in the EU-5 Countries,Technical Report, July 2020.

Soeren Mattke, and Mo Wang, Implications of Alzheimer's Treatment for Organization and Payment of Medical Practices in the United States,Technical Report, July 2020.

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Margaret Gatz, Jill E. Darling, Relationship Between Populist Sentiment and Misperceptions in the 2016 Election for U.S. President, Paper No. 2020-001.

Richard E. Chard, Jill Darling, Matthew Mussel, David Rogofsky, Kristi Scott, Perceptions of society’s view of the power and status of population subgroups: A quantitative application of Schneider and Ingram’s social construction theory, Paper No. 2020-002. 

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Daniel J. Benjamin, Mark Alan Fontana, Miles Kimball, Reconsidering Risk Aversion, Paper No. 2020-006.


CESR Reports

Soeren Mattke, Jakub P. Hlávka, Joanne Yoong, Mo Wang, Rei Goto, Assessing the Preparedness of the Japanese Health Care System Infrastructure for an Alzheimer's Treatment, Report No. 2019-101.

Infographic  Report Appendix 

Japanese Report Japanese Report Appendix

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Brian Tysinger, Seth Seabury, Henu Zhao, Gwyn Pauley, Yifan Wei, Dana Goldman, Trends in Mortality, Morbidity and Healthcare Utilization: Does it Make Sense to Use Healthcare as a Proxy for Health?, Paper No. 2019-001.

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CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Silvia H. Barcellos, Leandro S. Carvalho, and Patrick Turley, Distributional Effects of Education on Health, Paper No. 2018-002.

James Banks, Leandro S. Carvalho, and Francisco Perez-Arce, Education, Decision-making, and Economic Rationality, Paper No. 2018-003


CESR Reports

Marco Angrisani, Sujeong Park, Peifeng Hu, Jinkook Lee, Harmonization of Cross-National Studies of Aging to the Health and Retirement Study – User Guide: Health Care Utilization and Expenditure, Report No. 2017-001.

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Robynn Cox, Seva Rodnyansky, Benjamin Henwood, Suzanne Wenzel, Measuring Population Estimates of Housing Insecurity in the United States: A Comprehensive Approach, Paper No. 2017-012

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Chien-Yu Lai, John A. List, Anya Samek, How Do Informational Prompts Affect Choices in the School Lunchroom? Paper No. 2017-001.


CESR Reports

Ashish Sachdeva, Dawoon Jung, Marco Angrisani, Jinkook Lee, "Harmonization of Cross-National Studies of Aging to the Health and Retirement Study – User Guide: Household Expenditure," Report No. 2016-002.

CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

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CESR Media

Dan Benjamin, "National Advisory Council on Aging - September 2016" (starts at 2:26:45).


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Data || Survey Questionnaire || STATA Do-files

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All papers are also available at SSRN's CESR-Schaeffer Research Paper Series.