The USC mHealth Collaboratory Mobile health (mHealth) technologies are ubiquitous, interactive and poised to improve the health and well being of people around the globe. Across USC, and with our partners at other institutions, we are fueling a revolution in mobile and connected health.

The USC mHealth Collaboratory has emerged at an historic nexus, where academia, industry, designers and users are joining forces to push the boundaries of transdisciplinary science to develop personalized, adaptive health promotion, disease prevention and patient-centered care “just in time” — in the context and at the moment that can make the most impact. mHealth offers accessible, informed and responsive prevention and treatment modalities, with unprecedented capacities to reach the underserved. 

This collaboratory unites schools, faculty and students across USC and beyond. We’re a forum, a showcase, an incubator where researchers, designers, students, industry and IT can collaborate to dream big.

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Director of the USC mHealth Collaboratory is Donna Spruijt-Metz.