The Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR) is dedicated to discovering how people around the globe live, think, interact, age, invest, and make important, life-changing decisions. Our in-depth research and analysis are deepening the understanding of human behavior in a wide range of economic and social contexts.

Our ultimate goal: to improve social welfare by informing and influencing decision-making in the public and private sectors. Along the way, we are leading a creative revolution in how scientists conduct social science and economic research through the use of innovative technology. Tomorrow is here, today.

Understanding America Study

The USC Understanding America Study (UAS) is creating an in-depth portrayal of the people in the U.S.--their daily lives and their opinions. This 6,000 Internet panel is yielding insights and information of significant value to policy makers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, opinion pollsters, social science researchers, corporations and more. More


Our Executive Director Arie Kapteyn was awarded a sort of Dutch Lifetime achievement award for his work in Economics, The Pierson Penning. He received this honor joint with his advisor Bernard van Praag.  This medal is awarded once every three years to one of more Dutch or Netherlands based economists for their contributions to economics or the economy, with a focus ...More


February 21, 2018Good workers or good jobs? Understanding the role of jobs in labor market inequality

February 22, 2018TBA