The Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy  at the Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR), led by Jinkook Lee, conducts and supports research on aging, health and well-being of older people around the world.  The mission of the Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy is to enhance the understanding of older adults’ health and well-being and to contribute to evidence-based policy formulation. In close collaboration with the family of Health and Retirement Studies (HRS) and leading researchers around the world, the Program collects data and releases user-friendly population data files and tools to facilitate longitudinal and cross-country analyses on aging. The Programs seeks to contribute to the advancement of science and the improvement of elderly lives by conducting and supporting research on aging, with recent emphasis on various interactions between cognitive impairment and dementia, pension and long-term care systems, air pollution, historical life events, and the experience at the end-of-life. Our major project include: 

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