In pre-smartphone, pre-Internet days, social science and economics research moved at a much slower pace. We had to rely on in-person interviews, telephone surveys and snail mail. We still do, sometimes, when appropriate. Today, CESR researchers deploy next-generation tools to assemble an incredible, in-the-moment data collection that tells multiple stories about what it means to live and work in the 21st century world. These tools include:

  • Global Internet panels
  • Smartphones, palmtop devices and tablets
  • Wearable reporting devices, such as accelerometers
  • GPS
  • QR-codes
  • Brain activity imaging and other medical tests

We can form an instant focus group or create a population representative sample in the blink of a text message. The result is vastly superior data on what people do and think and how they inter-act with each other and their world. For information on the CESR data collection, contact Managing Director, Tania Gutsche.