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JULY 2020

This month the UAS work on Understanding Corona virus in America focused on mental health, parenting, and discrimination, the latter highlighted in this interview Ying Liu gave to ABC7.  We were featured on many local news stations including KCAL9, KABC News, KCBS, and Fox11.  Our data was also mentioned in the LA Times in an article about youth behavior during the virus.  A number of tables were presented in the article from LA County which use our data in their analysis.  We were also featured in the New York Times in a piece on parenting challenges during the virus, and a quote from Gema Zamarro on our findings that show 44% of women report to be the sole caregivers in two-parent homes during the stay at home orders. 

JUNE 2020

Daniel Bennett was featured in a number of news sources discussing Understanding Corona Virus in America's findings on mental health.  NBC interview highlighted the worry of Angelenos, as did MyNewsLA. UPI featured mental health findings from Johns Hopkins and USC.  HealthDay also picked up the story tracking mental health effects of Covid.

May 2020

Our Covid19 UAS tracking poll is in the news:  Arie Kapteyn was interviewed on ABC news this morning on how the job losses are affecting Los Angeles and women more so than other groups.  More coverage in the Pasadena StarSan Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Daily News on LA County being hard hit economically by the virus. On May 12th USC released this press release on behavior changes from our Understanding Cornona Virus in America study, which was picked up by CityLab.


APRIL 2020

Covid-19 panel data is being collected each week on the Understanding America Study. Here is an article in the LA Times which highlights the findings of joblessness and uncertainty and a press release from USC noting the plans for regular data.  Kyla Thomas was featured on CBS news discussing findings from our Los Angeles sample.  We were also featured in London's Daily Mail on our findings about out of work Angelenos (about half the county reported work hours or job loss).  

MARCH 2020

We fielded a survey March 10th to members of the Understanding America Study. An early data release is here, which covers findings about behavioral changes and perceived risk.

We published related blog posts here:  https://healthpolicy.usc.edu/evidence-base/