Getting results from investments in economic development

DMPG's mission is to help clients get intended results from their economic development investments.

DPMG addresses the challenges faced by all those committed to economic development, including the governments of developing countries, multilateral development banks, bilateral donors, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, and the private sector.

The Development Challenge

Investing in development projects can be difficult.

If you are a funder, how can you ensure the effectiveness of the assistance your funding provides? How can you identify and address the many risks inherent in your ventures?

And if you are a developing country, or a organization undertaking these development projects, what assurances can you give to funders that their investments will achieve the desired results?

Through its prior operations as the Quality Assurance Group at the World Bank, the Development Portfolio Management Group has more than 15 years of experience in obtaining results from investments in international development.

DPMG's Services: Improving Outcomes and Promoting Best Practices

At its core, our services are designed to improve the performance and success of our clients' investments in economic development programs and projects.

In the process, we strive to build the institutional capacity of our clients.

We also develop and promote best practices in the economic development community at large.

DPMG's Expertise: Drawing on Experienced Staff Around the World

We start with a small team of dedicated, full-time staff and then draw upon a roster of hundreds of professionals with deep experience in economic development in countries around the globe.

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