World Bank
Development Investments: Billions of Dollars are at Stake!

That's how much the world's donors and investors spend on failed or marginal development programs each year.

In 2011, commitments to the developing world by the OECD, the World Bank, and regional development banks alone amounted to more than $200 billion.


A conservative estimate of the percentage of projects that fail to achieve their development objectives may be as high as 30%. That means that $60 billion could potentially be wasted in a single year.

Admittedly, some investments will always be lost — socioeconomic development is a complex and inherently risky business. But waste and loss can be significantly reduced in six ways:

  • More effective program design
  • Accurate monitoring of ongoing programs
  • Targeted interventions for failing projects
  • Independent evaluations of closed projects whose lessons are integrated back into the client’s policies and procedures
  • Identifying institutional bottlenecks that prevent the achievement of development results
  • Comprehensive assessment of the institutional effectiveness of an organization in delivering its mandate.

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