Assuring the Quality of DPMG Work

World Bank

DPMG has a comprehensive Quality Assurance System that is applied to all DPMG evaluation products.  It consists of a pool of quality assurance experts, explicit Quality Standards, and a rigorous quality review process. The links to the key elements of DPMG’s Quality Assurance System are provided at the bottom of this page. 

The heart of DPMG's Quality Assurance System is its pool of quality assurance experts, a group of knowledgeable senior professionals internationally recognized in their fields, who provide independent technical advice on the quality of DPMG's work products at all stages of the process. DPMG's pool of quality assurance experts includes senior experts on:

o Evaluation Methodology

o Qualitative Methods

o Quantitative Methods

o Survey Design

All DPMG products are reviewed by an expert in evaluation methodology who is selected by the DPMG Director. Some evaluations—such as those that rely heavily on surveys or on qualitative or quantitative analysis—are reviewed by an additional quality assurance professional with the relevant expertise.  

The QA team always includes the evaluation methodology expert as well as any additional expert selected. They are involved in a project from start to finish, beginning at the proposal stage and concluding with the final report, to ensure continuity and institutional memory. At each stage of the evaluation, the QA team reviews the written product to determine whether it meets DPMG’s quality standards.  DPMG also has access to a pool of editors when necessary.

The final review of the quality of all DPMG products is carried out by the DPMG Director.