Drawing on Experienced Staff

Xavier Legrain

DPMG's director, Xavier Legrain, brings 30 years of economic development expertise to his leadership of DPMG. When he was the director of the World Bank's Quality Assurance Group, he pioneered the innovative method of assessing portfolio performance that DPMG now offers to clients working in a wide range of sectors and countries.

DPMG draws on the expertise of about 1,200 senior professionals with deep experience in economic development in countries around the globe, technical expertise in multiple sectors, fluency in major world languages, and extensive experience in assessments of active and closed development portfolios.

These independent experts are familiar with the institutional conditions that facilitate or constrain projects and are keenly alert to factors that influence the success and failure of programs. They also offer the benefits of their extensive experience in such specialized areas as procurement, financial management, governance and anti-corruption initiatives, gender assessments, social assessments, poverty assessments, and environmental safeguards.

Finally, as part of the University of California, we have ready access to a large faculty in research centers, professional schools, and academic departments. Their collective expertise spans a wide range of disciplines—from economics and the behavioral sciences to medicine, engineering, and mathematics.

DPMG Staff and Advisors