March 9 - March 10, 2023

Steering Committee: Arie Kapteyn, Marco Angrisani, Jill Darling, Francisco Perez-Arce, USC Center for Economic and Social Research; and Angela Fontes, Financial Health Network.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

Day 1

Thursday, March 9, 2023

8:00 am

Breakfast and Registration 

9:00 am

Welcome Address by Arie Kapteyn (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


9:15 am

Probability-Based Panel Challenges: Exploring Panel Experiences 

Session Chair: Angela Fontes (Financial Health Network)


Kyla Thomas (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)

LABarometer: Promises and Pitfalls of a Local Survey Panel


Marcin Hitczenko  (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

Sample Bias Related to Household Role


Joke Depraetere (Ipsos)

All for One: Conceptual framework, Cross-cultural Differences, and Approach for the Unified European KnowledgePanel


Frank Graves (EKOS Research Associates Inc.)

Evolving Challenges and Solutions to A Canadian Probability Panel: Probit 


10:30 am

Advances in Design, Operation, and Analysis for Real Time Surveys

Session Chair: Jonaki Bose (National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Paul Scanlon (National Center for Health Statistics)

Data Collection and Research Using the Research and Development Survey (RANDS)


Yulei he (National Center for Health Statistics)

Applying Calibration Weighting to Real Time Surveys: Some Lessons Learned from the Research and Development Survey (RANDS)


Guoyi Zhang (National Center for Health Statistics)

A general procedure for evaluating models and Ensemble Support Vector Regression


Stephen Blumberg (National Center for Health Statistics)

Leveraging Commercial Online Survey Panels for Timely and Actionable Health Statistics



Brady T. West (Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)

Moving from a national probability-based push-to-web survey to an online probability-based panel: What are the issues?

Session Chair: Arie Kapteyn (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


1:30 pm

Panel Recruitment and Composition: Target Sampling and Approach Variation

Session Chair: Jill Darling (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Chintan Turakhia (SSRS)

Improving Response Rates and Sample Representativeness via a multimode design for a Statewide Survey 


Ipek Bilgen (NORC at the University of Chicago)

The impact of using personalized solicitation on response rates and composition during mail contact when recruiting to a probability-based panel


Jon Krosnick (Stanford University)

The Quality of Data Obtained from River Sampling Online Surveys


Frances Barlas (Ipsos)

Recruiting Latino Households - Geographic and Modeled Targeting with Address Based Samples

2:50 pm



3:00 pm

Human Needs: Food, Shelter, and Health

Session Chair: David Rogofsky, Social Security Administration


Katherine Carman (RAND Corporation)

Nice Work if You Can Get It: Willingness to Pay to Avoid Burnout


Michelle S. Livings (University of Southern California)

Under-reporting of food insecurity in surveys that ask participants to recall the past year versus the past week


Andrew Parker (RAND Corporation)

A shock to the system: Using panel survey data to understand how COVID-19 changed long-term influenza vaccination trajectories


4:00 pm

Growing Pains:  Challenges in Probability-based Samples

Session Chair:  Katherine Carman (RAND Corporation)


Angelica Phillips (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Who Owns Smartphones? An Assessment of Smartphone Coverage of the U.S. Population Over Time


Randall K. Thomas (Ipsos Public Affairs)

Cleanliness and Goodliness: Data Cleaning Effects on Bias and Covariance in Probability-based Samples


Sam Slamowicz / Darren Panney (The Social Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia)

Investigating Panel Conditioning Effects in the Life in Australia(TM) Panel 


Jennifer Hunter Childs (U.S. Census Bureau)

Testing Methods for a Probability-Based, Nationally-Representative Survey Panel for Federal Use 

5:15 pm

Reception, sponsored by the FINRA Foundation


Day 2

Friday, March 10, 2023

8:00 am

Breakfast and Registration 

9:00 am

Brief Introduction


9:10 am

Economics: Household Expenditure and Labor Market Outcomes 

Session Chair: Marco Angrisani (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Scott Schuh (West Virginia University)

New Evidence on Consumption and Income Dynamics from a Consumer Payment Diary


Wilbert van der Klaauw (New York Fed)

Perceptions of Earnings Growth and Employment Risk


Andrew Warren (Financial Health Network)

Using Linked Survey and Transactional Data to Understand Gas Purchasing Behavior


10:15 am

Passive Data Collection and Data Sharing (I)

Session Chair: Michael Link (Ipsos)


Nicholas Biddle (Australian National University)
Measuring the impact of national-level data breaches on attitudes to data privacy using a probability-based online panel


Marco Angrisani (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)

Collection of Electronic Financial Records in a Population-Representative Panel


Alexandra M. Brown Breslin  (Joint Program in Survey Methodology)

An Analysis of Nonparticipation to a Passive Data Collection of Financial Transactions



11: 30 am

Passive Data Collection and Data Sharing (II)

Session Chair: Francisco Perez-Arce (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Ritika Chaturvedi (USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics)

Collecting Person-Generated Health Data in a Population-Representative Panel


Henning Silber (GESIS - Leibinz Institute for the Social Sciences)

A vignette study on acceptability norms and personal willingness to share digital trace data


Anna Lethborg (The Social Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia)

Probability-Based Panel Performance Compared to Other Survey Modes: More Evidence from Australia

12:30 pm



1:30 pm

Survey Data Analysis: No data is perfect, all data is valuable

Session Chair: Andrew Parker (RAND Corporation)


Necati Celik / Kenna Cepa (Financial Health Network)

Once Financially Unhealthy, Always Financially Unhealthy? Evidence from a 5-year UAS Panel Survey


Mansour Fahimi (Marketing Systems Group (MSG))

Reliable Inferences from Imperfect Data


Matthias Schonlau (University of Waterloo)

Automated classification for open-ended questions with BERT


2:30 pm

Individuals' Attitudes and Perceptions

Session Chair: Tania Gutsche (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Andrew C. Ward (The Social Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia)

Combining online survey data and area-level external data to create local estimates of social attitudes in Australia


JoNell Strough (West Virginia University)

Age differences in psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic: March 2020 to June 2021


Samer Atshan (Pardee RAND Graduate School)

Using longitudinal survey data to account for risk perceptions in population- and individual-level epidemiological COVID-19 models

3:30 pm

Closing Remarks

Conference Organizers:  Tania Gutsche, Pamela Tyler, and Tarra Kohli

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