March 8, 2023

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

10:00 AM Breakfast and Registration
11:00 AM

Introduction to the UAS 

Arie Kapteyn  


11:15 AM

Navigating the UAS
Marco Angrisani, Francisco Perez-Arce          


11:35 AM

Data Access
Jill Darling       


11:50 AM

Data Visualization
Francisco Perez-Arce         


12:05 PM Data Products 
Comprehensive File - Francisco Perez-Arce - Presentation
COVID Tracking - Arie Kapteyn - Presentation
Cognition Comprehensive File - Stefan Schneider - -Presentation
EMA Burst Files - Stefan Schneider - Presentation
Monthly Event File - Francisco Perez-Arce - Presentation
1:20 PM Lunch Break
2:20 PM More Data Products
UAS Education Project - Marshall Garland -  Presentation
Crosswalk of Dementia Categorization - Stefan Schneider - Presentation
Contextual Data - Arie Kapteyn - Presentation
LA Barometer - Kyla Thomas - Presentation
3:20 PM Using the UAS for Data Collection 
Experiments - Marco Angrisani -  Presentation
Process for Administering Surveys - Jill Darling - Presentation
Special Services - Tania Gutsche -   Presentation
3:50 PM Use of Wearables 
Ritika Ratnam Chaturvedi - Presentation
Arie Kapteyn - Presentation
4:20 PM Break
4:30 PM

Uses of UAS Data 
Session Chair: Arie Kapteyn

Jules Dupuy (USC Lenorad Davis School of Gerontology)
Individual risk perception and long-term care insurance take-up: evidence from the United States - Presentation

Kelly Hyde (RAND Corporation) (Virtual Presentation)
Perceived Analogies of Mpox and Associated Worry - Presentation

Luisa Blanco (Pepperdine University)
Digital solutions to empower Latinx communities when making decisions about finances and health - Presentation | Paper

Jovita Murillo (Charles Drew University)
The Social Impacts of the Pandemic on Women's Health - Presentation

Adam Stivers (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) 
Look behind the Curtain: The Direct and Indirect Impact of Non-cognitive Skills on Stock Market Participation  - Presentation | Paper

5:45 PM Feedback and Closing

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