March 8, 2023

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

10:00 AM Breakfast and Registration
11:00 AM Introduction to the UAS  
Arie Kapteyn
11:15 AM Navigating the UAS
Marco Angrisani, Francisco Perez-Arce
11:35 AM Data Access
Jill Darling
11:50 AM Data Visualization
Francisco Perez-Arce
12:05 PM Data Products 
Comprehensive File - Francisco Perez-Arce
COVID Tracking - Arie Kapteyn
Cognition Comprehensive File - Stefan Schneider
EMA Burst Files - Stefan Schneider
Monthly Event File - Francisco Perez-Arce
1:20 PM Lunch Break
2:20 PM More Data Products
UAS Education Project - Marshall Garland
Crosswalk of Dementia Categorization - Stefan Schneider
Contextual Data - Arie Kapteyn
LA Barometer - Kyla Thomas 
3:20 PM Using the UAS for Data Collection 
Experiments - Marco Angrisani
Process for Administering Surveys - Jill Darling
Special Services - Tania Gutsche 
3:50 PM Use of Wearables 
Ritika Ratnam Chaturvedi 
Arie Kapteyn
Tania Gutsche
4:20 PM Break
4:30 PM

Uses of UAS Data 
Session Chair: Arie Kapteyn

Jules Dupuy (USC Lenorad Davis School of Gerontology)
Individual risk perception and long-term care insurance take-up: evidence from the United States

Kelly Hyde (RAND Corporation) (Virtual Presentation)
Perceived Analogies of Mpox and Associated Worry

Luisa Blanco (Pepperdine University)
Digital solutions to empower Latinx communities when making decisions about finances and health

Jovita Murillo (Charles Drew University)
The Social Impacts of the Pandemic on Women's Health 

Adam Stivers (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) 
Look behind the Curtain: The Direct and Indirect Impact of Non-cognitive Skills on Stock Market Participation

5:45 PM Feedback and Closing

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