Benefits of Participating in M-TEENS

There are many reasons for families to participate in M-TEENS.

In recognition of your family's time and participation, your family will receive between $103 and $159 in e-gift cards. Parents will receive $5 for providing updated contact information and consenting, and an additional $30 for completing the parent survey. Teens will receive $20 for completing the child survey. Depending on choices made in the survey, both parent and teen have the chance to earn an additional $18-$37 each. Your family will also receive $30 for body composition measurements of the participating parent and teen. 

Every family has a unique experience and faces unique challenges. This is an opportunity to have your thoughts and opinions added to the collective voice. No one knows better than you about how environments to which military families are exposed as a result of Permanent Change of Station moves influence your family's health and well-being.

This study represents an important opportunity to improve our understanding of how food and physical activity environments influence children's health and well-being, particularly among military children. Our study will help policymakers understand how food and physical activity environments can be modified to promote healthy behaviors and reduce childhood overweight and obesity in military families.