One Survey, Every Quarter

LABarometer surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis and each quarterly survey focuses on one of four issues of concern to Angelenos: livability, mobility, sustainability & resiliency, and affordability & prosperity. 
  • The Livability survey assesses neighborhood quality of life in Los Angeles, guided by the principle that a livable neighborhood is in one in which residents feel happy, healthy, safe, socially connected, and have access to important goods, services, and amenities. Results are published every fall.
  • The Mobility survey assesses residents’ transportation patterns, experiences, and preferences, especially as they relate to county-wide efforts to effectively and equitably reduce automobile congestion and increase the use of alternative transportation modes. Results are published every winter.
  • The Sustainability & Resiliency survey assesses residents' knowledge of, attitudes towards, and participation in local sustainability and resiliency efforts, including environmental sentiment, disaster preparedness, and adaptations to climate change. Results are published every spring.
  • The Affordability & Prosperity survey assesses residents’ financial health and spending habits, their barriers and pathways to social and economic mobility, and the real and perceived impact of growth and change in their neighborhoods. Results are published every summer.
In addition to these four issues of focus, all LABarometer surveys include our Consumer Sentiment Index, a set of six questions designed to track optimism about personal finances and the economy.  Lastly, and as needed, space is allocated for miscellaneous, time-sensitive, or follow-up questions.