A Panel of 1,800 Los Angeles Residents

The LABarometer survey panel is an internet panel of approximately 1,800 non-institutionalized adults living in households throughout Los Angeles County. It is a sub-panel of the Understanding America Study, a national internet panel managed by the Center for Economic and Social Research at USC. Households are randomly selected into the panel through address-based sampling using postal codes. Average response rates for individual surveys are 70-80%.

All surveys are distributed online in English and in Spanish and are mobile-friendly. To participate in a survey, panel members can use any computer, cell phone, or tablet with Internet access. The majority of panel members have their own internet access, but internet access is not a barrier to panel entry. Panel members who do not have access to internet are provided with an internet-enabled tablet to ensure their regular participation in our surveys.

For more information about LABarometer’s survey panel, including up-to-date demographic information, recruitment and retainment procedures, standard variables, and survey weights, please see our LABarometer Panel Information sheet.