is a quarterly, internet-based survey of approximately 1,800 Los Angeles County residents, designed and administered by the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research. The survey monitors social conditions and attitudes in Los Angeles, with a focus on four key issues: livability, mobility, sustainability & resiliency, and affordability & prosperity.

LABarometer asks residents about their lives, their plans and opportunities, and the challenges they encounter in their communities, filling data gaps on topics ranging from housing insecurity to climate resilience, to transit behavior and the economy. By following the same residents over time, LABarometer aims to capture trends and shifts in residents’ attitudes and circumstances, allowing decisionmakers in the public and private sectors to better understand the evolving lives and needs of L.A. residents. 

LABarometer is a resource for everyone. Anyone — residents, researchers, businesses, policymakers, and nonprofits — can access our quarterly reports and data through this website and use the results to make informed decisions about how to improve the quality of life in Los Angeles.

LABarometer is made possible by the generous support of Union Bank through a sponsorship agreement:  USC Dornsife-Union Bank LA Barometer. The agreement is funded for ten years, with plans to expand survey participation over the next few years to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the region.