Time-10:00 AM (PT)


Title of Talk

Suggested Literature

   February 12, 2021    Alexander Young Presentation on “Disentangling genes and environment using genomic family data”  
   January 8, 2021    Sjoerd Van Alten Presentation on the topic of parent-child dyads and imputation  
   December 4, 2020    Neil Davies Presentation on Mendellian randomization  
   November 13, 2020    Jessica Faul

Presentation on "Collecting, extracting, and storing genetic material"


   August 7, 2020

   Jennifer Smith

Population stratification and principal components analysis


   July 10, 2020

   Jason Boardman 

Gene-by-environment interplay (GxE). 


   June 12, 2020

   Aysu Okbay

Polygenic scores, what they are, how to construct them, etc


   May 8, 2020

   Andries Marees

Andries Marees will be leading the discussion of Chapters 1 and 3 of Mills et al. 2020


   April 3, 2020

   Sam Trejo

Presentation of Sam Trejo paper, Genetic Nature or Genetic Nurture? Quantifying Bias in Analyses Using Polygenic Scores


   March 13, 2020

   Sjoerd van Alten

Discussion of chapter 4 of “An introduction to Statistical Genetic Data Analysis” by Mills, Barban and Tropf, to understand the basics of Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS).


   February 14, 2020

   Abdel Abdellaoui

Presentation by Abdel Abdellaoui  et al. 2019 on "Genetic correlates of social stratification in Great Britain"