Daniel Bennett

Assistant Professor (Research) of Economics

Ph.D., Brown University

Daniel Bennett is an applied microeconomist who studies economic behavior and global health.  His work examines the role of information in health decision making and in health care markets.  Dr. Bennett has designed and implemented randomized field experiments in India and Pakistan.  His research also examines unanticipated consequences of HIV/AIDS in Malawi and considers the economic implications of poor mental health.  Dr. Bennett served on the faculty of the University of Chicago for eight years before coming to USC in 2016.  

Jeremy Burke
Leandro Carvalho

Tarra Kohli

Operations Director, CESR East

DLS (candidate), Georgetown University 


Francisco Perez-Arce

Research Scientist (Economist)

Ph.D., Princeton University


Lila Rabinovich

Director of Policy and Development, CESR East

M.Phil, University of Oxford

Lila Rabinovich is Director of Policy and Development for CESR’s East Coast operations. She is a qualitative social science analyst, with a track record of conducting research in international development funded by organizations including DfID, OECD, NIH and the World Bank. She has extensive experience on a range of methods of qualitative data collection and analysis, including key-informant, cognitive and in-depth interviews, focus groups, site visits and observations, rapid evidence assessments and systematic reviews. Recent projects include a qualitative study on beneficiaries' experiences and perceptions of a conditional cash transfers programme in Argentina, a systematic review on the impact of transferring cash to women versus men in LMICs, commissioned by DfID, qualitative research on users’ experiences of healthcare service delivery and health information in rural Tajikistan, and an examination of the implementation of Indonesia’s largest anti-poverty programme, PNPM-Urban. She has a BSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and an MPhil in International Development Studies from Oxford University. Prior to joining CESR, Lila worked at the RAND Corporation for seven years, and before that in international development NGOs in the UK, China and Italy. Lila is fluent in Spanish.

Juan E Saavedra

Research Scientist

Ph.D., Harvard University


Simone Schaner

Assistant Professor of Economics

Ph.D., MIT

Simone Schaner is a development economist whose research focuses on household decision-making, financial access and innovation for the unbanked, health-seeking behavior, and gender. She has extensive experience managing field-based research projects, with prior work in Kenya, Ghana, Mali, India, and Indonesia. Dr. Schaner is an affiliate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development, the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, and a member of the Innovations for Poverty Action research network. Dr. Schaner holds a joint appointment at CESR and the USC Department of Economics. She has a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT and an A.B. in Economics from Princeton University. 

Joanne Yoong

Senior Economist / Director, CESR East

Ph.D., Stanford University