The mission of CESR International Development is to provide rigorous, policy-relevant insights into complex social and economic challenges in low- and middle-income settings. 

CESR International Development works along the continuum of development challenges, from problem definition to developing solutions to evaluating outcomes. We have an adaptable portfolio of services to serve the needs of governments, multilateral agencies, bilateral donors, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and the private sector.

To this aim, our team of research scientists and faculty from the University of Southern California combines academic and practical expertise, drawing on our unique multidisciplinary strength and global experience to address the complexity of real-world development policy and practice.​

Focus Areas

Our multidisciplinary experts deliver the highest quality of research across several focus areas:

  • Financial Inclusion;
  • Global Health;
  • Education;
  • Social Protection; and
  • Population aging.


Drawing on experts across the social, behavioral and data sciences, CESR ID works with collaborators to undertake monitoring and impact evaluations, program design, landscape and formative analysis, and meta-analysis and systematic reviews. Our approach to investigating and addressing global challenges is driven by technology from data collection to analysis and visualization to deliver insights and results through targeted approaches. ​

Research Capacity Development

CESR International Development is committed to supporting research capacity development in the communities in which we work. We do this with a view to strengthening local research capability and contributing to a global network of researchers for learning and collaboration. We deliver training and participatory workshops to governments, academics, and international organizations.

Contact: To learn more, email us.