CESR hosts intriguing talks by visiting social and economic scientists from leading universities and organizations around the globe. In this way, we increase the dialogue and flow of information and invite a fertile exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

Check this calendar regularly for updates on our Brown Bag Series and our Seminars, co-hosted by the Southern California Population Research Center (SCPRC).

For more information, to confirm attendance or to meet with any of the speakers, please contact Juan Saavedra juansaav@usc.edu or Doerte U. Junghaenel  junghaen@usc.edu

* Seminar, co-hosted by SCPRC
** Brown Bag Series

Date and Time (PST)
Title of Talk
The Roots of Health Inequality and The Value of Intra-Family Expertise*
VPD 110
Introduction to response biases in self-reports**
VPD 302
Norbert SchadyInter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Experimental Estimates of Education Production Functions: Sensitive Periods and Dynamic Complementarity*
VPD 110
Giving for Profit or Giving to Give: The Profitability of Corporate Social Responsibility**
VPD 302
Scaling Psychological Insights to Help Students*
Irani Hall (RRI) 101
Serena CanaanAmerican University of Beirut
Serena Canaan Talk Title TBA**
VPD 203
Patient vs. Provider Incentives in Long Term Care*
VPD 110
Thomas CrossleyUniversity of Essex
Thomas Crossley Talk Title TBA*
VPD 110
Sule AlanUniversity of Essex
Belief in Hard Work and Altruism: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment**
VPD 302
"Borrowing to Save? The Impact of Automatic Enrollment on Debt" *
VPD 110
Ali AbboudUSC
Ali Abboud Talk Title TBA**
VPD 302
Ray FismanBoston University
Ray Fisman Talk Title TBA*
VPD 110
Helen LevyUniversity of Michigan
Helen Levy Talk Title TBA*
VPD 110
Martin O'ConnellIntstitute for Free Speech
Martin O'Connell Talk Title TBA**
VPD 302
Lauren RiveraNorthwestern
Lauren Rivera Talk Title TBA*
VPD 110
Jacob BastianUniversity of Chicago
Jacob Bastian Talk Title TBA**
VPD 302
Matt NotowidigdoNorthwestern
Talk Title TBA*
VPD 110