The Accelerating Expansion of the Digital Universe + Proper Analytics (often innovative, tuned) = Reproducible Quantitative Science

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Seminar Series
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Large surveys and advances in instrumentation are driving Economics, Social, Biological and Medical Studies to the stage where sophisticated analysis of massive, multiscale, high-dimensional, complex data/images together with mathematical modeling become crucial for making sense of the data. Moreover, the all-embracing modern data result in blurring of domain discipline boundaries, so that, to a certain extent, biological/medical sciences are becoming more and more social sciences and vice versa. This calls for collaboration among domain experts, on the one hand, and specialists in statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, on the other. Such interdisciplinary cooperation will be beneficial for all the fields involved: the roads between different areas of research, “while often the quickest shortcut to another part of our own science, are not visible from the viewpoint of one science alone.” This talk adopts such a perspective and focuses on multiresolution analysis of complex data, signal/data processing on networks, machine learning, image processing, mathematical modeling, their synergy and applications. Some of the proposed innovative approaches are relevant to economics, political science, analysis of social networks, epidemiology, omics, systems medicine, etc. The talk will end with a description of potentially interesting future developments and applications.