Agenda and Presentations 

March 4 - March 5, 2021

Steering Committee: Arie Kapteyn, Joanne Yoong, Jill Darling, Francisco Perez-Arce, University of Southern California and Fred Conrad, University of Michigan

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

Day 1

Building and Using Online Panels

10 am

Welcome Address by Arie Kapteyn (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


10:15 am

Setting up and growing panels

Session Chair: Arie Kapteyn (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Sarah Dumas (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

Healthy NYC: the design and implementation of a probability-based survey panel by a local health department



Ricardo Gonzalez

Setting up a mixed-mode probability-based panel over the COVID-19 pandemic



Benjamin Phillips

Expansion of an Australian probability-based online panel using ABS, IVR and SMS push-to-web



11:15 am

Understanding Bias

Session Chair: Marco Angrisani (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Amber Levanon Seligson (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)

Assessing Bias from Address Based Sampling Frames in the Healthy NYC Survey Panel



Sebastian Kocar

Why do people participate in probability-based online panel surveys?



Bernd Weiss

Investigating self-selection bias of online surveys on coronavirus-related behavioral and attitudinal outcomes utilizing a German probability-based mixed-mode panel



Frances Barlas

How Well Do Online Samples Represent People of Color?

Presentation | 



12:30 pm

Peter Lugtig: What Internet panel surveys can learn from the design of smartphone-app studies

Session Chair: Arie Kapteyn (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)



1:30 pm

Managing Panels

Session Chair: Fred Conrad (University of Michigan)


Fabienne Kraemer

Assessing Panel Conditioning in the GESIS Panel: Comparing Respondents with Different Levels of Experience



Bella Struminskaya 

Seeking consent to share smartphone sensor data among online panel respondents



Matthias Schonlau (University of Waterloo)

Coding text answers to open-ended questions: human coders and statistical learning algorithms make similar mistakes



2:30 pm


Session Chair:  Jill Darling (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Winnie Teng

Probability panel segmentation for flexible sample selection



Andrew Ward

Selecting candidate sets of calibration variables for sample surveys



Mansour Fahimi (Ipsos)

Rethinking Response Rate Calculations for Probability-based Samples from Online Panels



Day 2

Online Panels in Practice and Policy

10 am

Brief Introduction


10:05 am

Survey data collection and analysis

Session Chair: Joanne Yoong (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Marco Angrisani (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)

A Simple Question Goes a Long Way: A Questionnaire Experiment to Elicit Bank Account Ownership



Jill Darling (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)

Collecting Covid-19 Behavior, Attitudes, and Experiences in the Understanding America Study

Presentation | 


Andrew Parker (RAND Corporation)

Using online panel surveys to track emerging public mental models of COVID-19 using open-ended response modes

Presentation | 


Stefan Schneider and Margaret Gatz (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)

Developing a perceptual speed test for the Understanding America Study 

Presentation | 


11:10 am

Thematic panel: Physical and Mental Health and Well-Being

Session Chair: Lila Rabinovich (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Wändi Bruine de Bruin (USC)

Effect of vaccine-allocation strategies on vaccination refusal and protective behaviors: Evidence from a national survey


Peter Van der Velden

Mental health problems among the general population in November 2020 compared to November 2019: findings from a Dutch prospective COVID-19 study


Gema Zamarro

Gender Differences in Couples’ Division of Childcare, Work and Mental Health During COVID-19

Presentation | 



12: 45 pm

Thematic panel: Economics and Financial Decisions

Session Chair: Jeremy Burke (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Mark Lush

An Outbreak of Investing: New Accounts and the People Who Opened Them

Presentation | 


Matt Messel

SSDI Claiming Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presentation | 


Heng Chen

Cash and COVID-19: The Effects of Lifting Lockdown Provisions on Cash Demand and Use


Arie Kapteyn (USC Center for Economic and Research)

Estimating economic indicators early in the pandemic

Presentation | 


2 pm

Thematic panel: Public Goods and Social Protection

Session Chair: Francisco Perez-Arce (USC Center for Economic and Social Research)


Necati Celik

What a Difference Social Insurance Makes: The Case of Expanding Unemployment Benefits during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Presentation | 


Frank Graves

Pandemic, Polarization and Populism:  Lessons for Action

Presentation | 


Andrew Camp

Determinants of ethnic differences in school modality choice during the COVID-19 crisis: Evidence from a nationally representative household survey

Presentation | 

2:45 pm

Closing Remarks

Conference Organizers:  Tania Gutsche and Tarra Kohli