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CESR-Schaeffer Working Paper Series

Erik Meijer, Laura Spierdijk, Tom Wansbeek, "Consistent Estimation of Linear Panel Data Models with Measurement Error", Paper No. 2014-008.

Jinkook Lee, Mark E. McGovern, David E. Bloom, P. Arokiasamy, Arun Risbud, Varsha Kale, Jennifer O’Brien, Peifeng Hu, "Education, Gender, and State-Level Gradients in the Health of Older Indians: Evidence from Biomarker Data", Paper No. 2014-007.

Lila Rabinovich, Stephanie Diepeveen, "The Design of Conditional Cash Transfers: Experiences from Argentina’s Universal Child Allowance", Paper No. 2014-006.

Étienne Gaudette, "Health Care Demand and Impact of Policies in a Congested Public System", Paper No. 2014-005.

Maria Björnsdotter Dahlin, Arie Kapteyn, Caroline Tassot, "Who are the Joneses?", Paper No. 2014-004.

Silvia Helena Barcellos, Mireille Jacobson, "The Effects of Medicare on Medical Expenditure Risk and Financial Strain", Paper No. 2014-003.

Manel Baucells, Silvia Bellezza, "Temporal Profiles of Instant Utility during Anticipation and Recall", Paper No. 2014-002.

Gema Zamarro, John Engberg, Juan Esteban Saavedra, Jennifer Steele, "Disentangling Disadvantage: Can We Distinguish Good Teaching from Classroom Composition?", Paper No. 2014-001.

Ashlesha Datar, Michael Gottfried, "School Entry Age and Children’s Social-Behavioral Skills: Evidence from a National Longitudinal Study of US Kindergartners", Paper No. 2013-013.

Ashlesha Datar, Nancy Nicosia, Victoria Shier, "Maternal Work and Children’s Diet, Activity, and Obesity", Paper No. 2013-012.

Tunga Kantarci, Arthur van Soest, "Stated Preference Analysis of Full and Partial Retirement in the United States", Paper No. 2013-011.

Tunga Kantarci, "The Effects of Partial Retirement on Health", Paper No. 2013-010.

Tunga Kantarci, "Factors Limiting the Opportunities for Partial Retirement", Paper No. 2013-009.

Tania L. Gutsche, Bas Weerman, "Panel Management Techniques for High Intensity Surveys", Paper No. 2013-008.

Juan Esteban Saavedra, Sandra Garcia, "Educational Impacts and Cost Effectiveness of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Developing Countries: A Meta-analysis", Paper No. 2013-007.

Laura Hospido, Gema Zamarro, "Retirement Patterns of Couples in Europe", Paper No. 2013-006.

Arie Kapteyn, Jinkook Lee, Caroline Tassot, Hanka Vonkova, Gema Zamarro, "Dimensions of Subjective Well-Being", Paper No. 2013-005.

Jeffrey R. Brown, Arie Kapteyn, Erzo F. P. Luttmer, Olivia S. Mitchell, "Decision Complexity as a Barrier to Annuitization", Paper No. 2013-004.

Tania L. Gutsche, Arie Kapteyn, Erik Meijer, Bas Weerman, "The RAND Continuous 2012 Presidential Election Poll", Paper No. 2013-003.

Titus J. Galama, Hans van Kippersluis, "Health Inequalities through the Lens of Health Capital Theory: Issues, Solutions, and Future Directions", Paper No. 2013-002.

Hans van Kippersluis, Titus J. Galama, "Wealth and Health Behavior: Testing the Concept of a Health Cost", Paper No. 2013-001-Rev1.

All papers are also available at SSRN's CESR-Schaeffer Research Paper Series.
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