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Ellen Peters

Senior Research Associate

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Phone: (614) 688-3477
E-mail: peters.498@osu.edu


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Ellen Peters, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Behavioral Decision Making Initiative at The Ohio State University. She joined CESR in 2014 as an Adjunct Senior Behavioral Scientist. She conducts basic and applied research in judgment and decision making. In her research, Dr. Peters focuses on understanding the basic building blocks of human judgment and decision making and especially how affective, intuitive, and deliberative processes help people to make decisions in an increasingly complex world. She studies decision making as an interaction of characteristics of the decision situation and characteristics of the individual and is particularly interested in issues of numeracy and number processing, affect and emotion, and adult aging in judgment and decision making.


  • Ph.D. Psychology, Judgment and Decision Making, University of Oregon, 1998
  • M.S. Psychology, Judgment and Decision Making, University of Oregon, 1994
  • B.S. of Economics. The Wharton School of Business, Marketing, University of Pennsylvania, 1989
  • B.S., Systems Engineering. Minor: Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1989


  • Professor, The Ohio State University, 2012 – present
  • Director, Behavioral Decision Making Initiative, The Ohio State University, 2013-present
  • Associate Professor, The Ohio State University, 2010-2012
  • Member. Cognitive, Affective and Social Processes in health Research (CASPhR) group. Behavioral Research Program, National Cancer Institute. 2009-present
  • Chair (2011-2013) and Voting Member (2007-2009), Risk Communication Advisory Committee, Food and Drug Administration, Washington, DC.
  • Senior Research Scientist, Decision Research, Eugene, Oregon, 1999-2010
  • Product Development Engineer, The Procter and Gamble Company, 1989-1990

Honors & Awards

  • President Elect, Society for Judgment and Decision Making, 2013
  • Jane Beattie Scientific Recognition Award. Awarded for innovative contributions to decision research, European Association for Decision Making, 2009
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