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Xavier Legrain

Director of the Development Portfolio Management Group
University of Southern California (USC), Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR)

Xavier Legrain is the director of the CESR Development Portfolio Management Group (DPMG), which helps development banks, bilateral donors, non-governmental organizations, foundations, private businesses, and governments of developing countries get the results intended from their development investments. He joined USC as a senior global executive with 31 years of experience at the World Bank in the areas of quality assurance, development portfolio management, and infrastructure and rural development in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia. Legrain led several major reviews of the organizational effectiveness of various units of the Bank and has particular strengths developing approaches and methodologies for the quality assurance of development investment programs and projects. Legrain's most recent position was director of the Bank's Quality Assurance Group (QAG), which provided guidance to Bank senior management on all aspects of portfolio management. He was also responsible for reporting to the Board of the Bank on the performance of the Bank's portfolio and advising on ways to improve such performance. Now at USC, Legrain is responsible for managing and developing DPMG's staff and work program, including all marketing and tendering activities. Expanding upon his earlier role at the World Bank and using USC's quality standards, he assures the quality of all work conducted under DPMG.

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