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Welcome to the USC mHealth Collaboratory

Director, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Co-Director, William Swartout

New mobile health (mHealth) technologies have the potential to reduce the cost of health care and improve health outcomes in the United States and across the globe. Today’s wireless, wearable, and deployable technologies provide unprecedented opportunities to passively capture digital ‘footprints’ that catalogue a person’s everyday behaviors, contexts, choices and states. Data streams from a broad variety of sources – wearable and deployable sensors, social media, games, pictures and videos, location, purchase transactions, apps, and Internet use, just to name a few. We can now ubiquitously monitor physical activity, heart rate, blood pressure, stress, diet, smoking, social interactions, blood glucose, geographical location and a host of other physiological, behavioral and contextual signals in real time. Systems of wearable, deployable sensors combined with smartphones can provide real-time, personalized interventions that can be adapted on the fly as behavior changes, new data is accrued, new research comes to light, or new needs arise.These ubiquitous mobile technologies systems – powerful, networked computers always nearby – can support continuous, real-time, health monitoring and health care at both the individual and population level.

The USC mHealth Collaboratory aims to foster a collaborative mHealth research community, support incubation for new ideas, and facilitate creative information exchange in mobile and connected health. We will kick off a series of mobile and connected health symposia/training events, bring together mHealth researchers across institutions to develop a West Coast mHealth Consortium, help junior researchers get their mHealth efforts off the ground, work with education programs to train in transdisciplinary science, and develop exciting relationships with industry.

Join us – send an email to mailto:dmetz@usc.edu
Our website is under construction – we look forward to going live soon!
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